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Innovation Week/Community Stories Summer 2012

A few weeks ago, MiKE (Innovation in Milwaukee) along with several organizations and individuals, featured an exhibition of the region’s talent and contributions to the local economy in the areas of design, innovation and technology. It was known as Milwaukee Innovation Week and all eyes were on our city.  

Events included a pitch event called “ Battle of the Brands”, which showcased high school and college entrepreneurs, then there was the big Common Pitch event held at Turner Hall Ballroom. This involved eight startups who were all working to redefine business here in America. There were also Collaborative Work Space Tours, Kohl’s Idea Challenge, Libation Innovation, plus much more.

So I wanted to know how Milwaukee Innovation Week had an impact on the local economy, community and entrepreneurs throughout the city and nationwide. To answer this question are Spreeklner Creative’s Steve Glynn and ART Milwaukee’s Angela Damiani. Click the podcast below to learn more about the impact of Milwaukee’s Innovation Week.