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Envisioning the Seen | Community Stories Summer 2012


(Photo by Erik Ljung)


A diverse group of influential Milwaukeeans recently gathered at the Pabst Theater for a public discussion of the future of our city.

They touched on current issues facing Milwaukee - things like transportation, race, city government and for better or worse, Milwaukee’s general sense of humility.

This round table type discussion was organized by Historic Milwaukee Inc, the same group that put on a similar talk earlier this year called Remarkable Milwaukee.

Anna Marie Opgenorth, Executive Director of Historic Milwaukee, says she wants to open up the conversation to a diverse group of speakers.

“What we want to do is bring 12-14 really interesting Milwaukeeans on stage - people who normally wouldn’t talk with one another in a public setting to discuss what they want to see what good things are happening in Milwaukee now what do we need to cultivate
and where do we need to collectively put our resources.”

Listen to the audio piece below for impressions from Melissa Goins of Maures Development Group and Young Kim from Fondy’s Food Center, both panelists at Envisioning the Seen and a couple takes from the audience.

Opgenorth says Historic Milwaukee will be hosting another public discussion like this in September. Until then - she says people can continue the conversation on Historic Milwaukee’s Facebook page.

Historic Milwaukee on Facebook:

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