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Milwaukee Shines | Community Stories Summer 2012

Milwaukee Shines is a new city program aiming to expand the use of solar power by organizing all parts of the process into one place.

The program can help determine what kind of system will work for a certain property, finance the purchasing of the actual panels and set up customers with certified installers.

Nick Korth works with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association -  a partner in the program. He’s holding free informational sessions called “ Power Hours” to show interested residents how the program works.

He says prices for solar systems have dropped dramatically in the last few years and one Milwaukee resident even gets money back from the energy company at the end of the year because they produce more energy than they use.

Nick also says the supply chain is all local. The program uses components that are made in Milwaukee and local installers to put them in.

Listen to the audio story to hear from Nick about the program and hear one resident who is seriously considering solar after hearing about Milwaukee Shines.