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South Beach Salseros

Sound Travels was again in Florida for a further exploration of the post-revolution sound of Cuban music in America. Miami's Cuban sound is the theme and today I presented a few more funky favorites for you to dig into. As with yesterday, a range of players from the Little Havana and Hialeah area of Miami whose chapter in the Cuban music story is but brief yet incredibly dope. While New York, perhaps deservedly, gets the press for the Latin sound in America fomenting in the 60's and 70's, other areas of the country were very vital to the bigger picture.

While the influence in NYC back in the day was a product of many different Latin countries, like Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and to a lesser degree Central and South America's, the sound of Latin music in Miami was far closer to the fires of its origins. Which is to say Cuba, as the island nation is within spitting distance of our own shores and the sounds produced in Miami were and continue to be closer in sound to its source.  

Oscar Pena "La Inflacion de Ofelia"

Orquesta Suprema "Voy Pa'Borinquen"

Manteca "Pa'lante"

Nelson Padron "Algo Sabroso"

Mandrake "Oye Como Va"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee