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Adult Driver's Ed Program | Community Stories Summer 2012

Thousands of people in Milwaukee are driving without a valid driver’s license. They may have never gotten one - or had it taken away for a non-driving related offense. Many times, failure to pay a relatively small fine can prevent an otherwise good driver from driving legally.

Ron Lee is running a program to help adult drivers get on the right side of the law - one of the only programs of its kind in Milwaukee. He’s the program director and teacher of the Milwaukee Adult Driver’s Ed program. He teaches the class to help adults prepare and study for the written driver’s test.

Driver’s license issues are also affecting young people. High school students are losing the chance to take driver’s ed because they’re not able to take the course in school.

“Because drivers education has been taken out of the high schools what happens is you start driving without a license. You get stopped you get a ticket, you don’t pay your ticket you get your license suspended,” says Lee. He feels it’s an unproductive cycle and wants to help those drivers who want to take the test with confidence.

He says it’s not that people can’t drive - it’s that the terminology on the test can be confusing.

Since starting the program over a decade ago, Lee has helped over 4,000 adults practice for the test and familiarize themselves with the terminology and earn their license.

Lee says having a valid license has other benefits that aren’t so obvious, “Most employers want a driver’s license today - driver’s license helps you get a better, higher paying job.”

Lee and others have worked to change some of the policies and laws that make it difficult to obtain and maintain a valid driver’s license.

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