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Serenity Inns | Community Stories Summer 2012

Serenity Inns is a local rehab treatment center helping some of Milwaukee’s most in need.
They work with homeless men suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Recent studies show that around 80% of Milwaukee’s homeless men suffer from some form of addiction. If they decide to made a commitment to get clean - Serenity Inns is there to help.

I recently spoke with Executive Director, Ellen Blathers and president of the board of directors, Tim McMurtry

Serenity Inns uses a comprehensive model that works with the men for anywhere from 30 days to 7 months - depending on what the client needs. The men work through phases of getting to know their addiction and themselves through journaling and 12 step programs. When the staff feels the men are ready to move on - Serenity Inns works with them to find work and eventually a place of their own.

One unique part of their program is the simple act of sharing a meal with people who care. Serenity Inns works with faith based organizations for their ‘Fellowship Dinners.’ The men get a chance to host and drive the conversation at dinner - a way to build the socialization skills they may have lost during their addiction.

Interested volunteers can host a dinner fellowship - and they accept donations and household products for the residents. See the link below for more information.