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Mit Der German Musik

Sound Travels in a German mode all week. Makes sense when you consider the weekend feature down on the Summerfest Grounds is German Fest. Starting Thursday, fest-goers will be getting down to some German sounds and eating record-setting amounts of brats, potatoes and cabbage and I thought I'd take that experience one step further by playing some classic and newer German pop, rap, rock and electro sounds for Sound Travels.

Today, I had the German electro kings Kraftwerk at the start and kept it dark with a newer tune from a group called Mit. Some retro funk filler from Klaus Weiss segueways us into some brass band goodness from Berlinski Beat (who I admit I'm assuming is German by their name and name alone.) Some new-ish pop rounds out the set, and it's from known Berliners Tele whose song "Mehr Mehr Mehr" made the set just cuz it's so damned catchy.

Hopefully you dug it, and maybe gets you out to the Fest or just out of your box and into a world of different sounds. Here's what we heard...

Kraftwerk "Tour De France"

Mit "Odenwald"

Klaus Weiss "Jumping Balls"

Berlinski Beat "Berliner Pflanze"

Tele "Mehr Mehr Mehr"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee