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It Just Takes One (You) | Community Stories Summer 2012

Two friends from a local community grouphave a request for Milwaukee. They’re starting an anti violence campaign and they want more people to sign their pledge. Makeisha Young and her friend Alyandra teamed up with Norma Balentine, an adult mentor who works with Safe and Sound.

“We’re a crime prevention and crime reduction organization. We work with residents, law enforcement and just help weed out crime and connect people and try to rebuild the fabric of the community that’s been missing.”

The girls met at a youth summit and developed their idea for a year long campaign to curb crime in their neighborhoods. Later the movie Honey inspired them to work on the idea that a single person can make a difference in the community.

I went to their kickoff event at Washington Park in partnership with the Summer of Peace Parade. They had DJs, a fashion show and dance teams recreated a scene from the movie.

They’re calling it It Takes Just One (You) and it’s an ongoing project where they encourage people to sign their pledge and then keep in touch with them to see if they’re keeping their promises to be good examples in their community.

To sign the pledge contact Norma Balentine: