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Afrobeats and Black Rock: A Thursday/Friday Doubleshot

Sound Travels with afrobeat and a fabulously funky end to a whole week's worth of great music. Hopefully, you all have a better understanding and/or appreciation for this style of music. In the past I've played many of the classic cuts that make this a distinct genre, this week however, I had mostly contemporary afrobeat crews. Showing the sound is alive and well and in many places evolving in interesting and cool ways.

My browser ate the post that was supposed to be here yesterday, so I've paired Thursday with Friday so you really haven't missed a thing! Peep these...

Iconili "O Rei De Tupanga"

Ocote Soul Sounds "Pathways"

Seun Kuti "You Can Run"

Centavrvs "El Caporal"

The Hygrades "In The Jungle"

Antibalas "Battle Of The Species"

Poets Of Rhythm "Moira"

The Cactus Channel "Level Up"

Debruit "African Booty Musique"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee