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Milwaukee's Juniper Are Giving Away Their Latest Album, 'Since Before' for Free

During the Yellow Phone Music conference, speaker Martin Atkins said, "It is not a problem when your music is downloaded 20,000 times illegaly; it is a problem when no one is downloading your music."  It is becoming harder to make money, buy selling music.  Of course, touring, licensing, and other avenues are available for musicians to make money. Atkins also mention that if you give away your music for free in the beginning, and people become hooked, then you can start charging. 

Juniper Tar's latest release Since Before is amazing and addicitive, and they want you to try it for free for limited time.  Personally, I think this is a great move because they could expand their fan base exponentially.  So grab Juniper Tar's album 'Since Before' for free via their Bandcamp page until September 30. Of course, you can also bring good Karma by contributing some cash for the album.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee