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Living The Highlife...The Busy Twist = African Bass

Wanted to share the fire, so we can all be warm. Said fires in this case burn white hot on the brand new EP called Friday Night recently released by a group that is producing some of the dopest highlife-based, afro-inflected dance music I kow of. They're called The Busy Twist, and their sound revels in riches born of the two spots their members call home; London and Ghana.

Matter of fact, the project is the culmination of hard work and lots of traval that the groups' 21 year-old London producers Gabriel Benn (aka Tuesday Born) and Ollie Williams (aka Ollie Twist) have put in having spent the last 3 years travelling back and forth to Ghana to work with musicians from around the country who have come to make up The Busy Twist

Busy, fruitful work that resonates loud and clear on the EP's title track "Friday Night," an ode to both gold-diggers and sugar-daddies that's a banger from the first beat. The album is being released on vinyl September 24th via Soundway Records and out now digitally.

And if their latest work is any indication, the group may be heading to Angola in the future for more inspiration. Peep the latest from their soundcloud...

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee