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Surinam Funk!


A week without a theme on Sound Travels is actually an opportunity. An opportunity to play some one-off topics, single album or artist features plus a chance to cull some unrelated musics together. That said, I've been many places on Sound Travels with a few exceptions. One such exception that I' have long hoped to redeem, is the tiny nation of Surinam; that changed today.

With an estimate of 500.000 inhabitants Surinam has a lively music scene. Although Surinam is a relatively unknown country, it has a strong influence on the Netherlands where many people from Surinam have been living since a couple of decades ago. Makes sense, the Dutch controlled Surinam as a colony until 1975.

The music from the Surinam is mainly known for it’s kaseko (which evolved out of the traditional Kawina music) and soul music, but the Surinamese have also been active in other genres such as pop, funk & jazz. Most of the Surinamese music is hard to come by, and especially its funk is rare. Because it’s that rare, you can wonder how much of it has been made. The occasional funk tracks pop up on a kaseko or soul album, but full funk albums are difficult to locate. The digger that I am, I've finally turned up some quality sounds from the 70's, what I shared with you today...

Sound Travels 09-13-12 - Surinam Funk! Minimix

Happy Boys "Jorka Soe Poe"

Usje Sukatma "Waiting For Your Love"

Alwin Reingold & Roy Ooft "Sweet Dream"

Sumy "Going Insane"

Johnny & Orquesta Rodrigues "African Woman"

Happy Boys "Kronto"

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