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Spanning The Globe! Sound Travels the Alphabet


The week on  Sound Travels is all about framing the scope of adventurous music you get on 88Nine. From A to Z, all week on Sound Travels you'll get a music from a country corresponding to a letter from the alphabet. And that's what it's all about on Sound Travels, covering the world from end to end and A to Z, the kind of musical breadth you can only find on a station like RadioMilwaukee. So um... yeah. You should really donate, this kind of station is only possible if you become a member. It's uniquely Milwaukee and totally yours for the support, a reflection of and inspired by listeners and readers just like  you!   


France:  Sylvie Vartan & Axelle Red "Son Of A Preacher Man"

Guadaloupe:  Ti Celeste "Popilation Basse - Terrienne Au Abois"

Honduras:  Lugua "Lugua Hama Lurundu"

Ireland:  Clannad "A Mhuirnin O"

And we rolled strong into Wednesday with more of this elementary approach to showing our unique global range...


Japan:  Yoshida Brothers "Kodo"

Kenya:  Kakai Kilonzo "Mama Sofi Pt. 2"

Lebanon:  Raksit Leila "Mashrou Leila"

Mexico:  Chavela Vargas "Paloma Negra" 

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee