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Benga Blast! Kenyan Guitar Grooves

Sound Travels back to the Horn of Africa this week as we'll be peeping some more dope music from the region and in particular, music from Kenya. Awesome music, from 60's Benga to Luo roots, deep afro-jazz to Swahili hip hop. Kenya's got some dope music and I hope to inspire some new tastes for you and we started the theme today with some great grooves in a style known as benga.

A vintage sound with influences from all over Africa, benga was what they called pop music from Kenya in the 60's. The African Broadcasting Service, based in Nairobi, aired music in Kenyafrom all over Africa; soukous from the Congo, kwela from South Africa and traditional Kenyan musics all contributed to this energetic, eboullient and nascent afro-pop. Energetic dance grooves fueled by quick-twitch finger-style guitar virtuosity propell melodies over endlessly syncopating rhythms in ways I will always love. I hope you dig it too.

Kakai Kilonzo "Mama Sofi Pt. 2"

Tom Mboya Kodiyo "Aggei Koyier"

Moreno L'Orch First-Mojo "Sister Pili"

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