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Anna's Review Of Sleigh Bell's Show At Turner Hall Ballroom

(photo credit:  CJ Foeckler Photography)

On Wednesday night, Sleigh Bells returned to Milwaukee at Turner Hall. Last time they came in 2010, they packed and sold out Mad Planet. Alexis Krauss’ voice boomed throughout the room while Derek Miller and the rest of the band backed her vocals so everyone’s ears would be pounding for days.

The duo put on a fantastic hour plus long set, starting out the night with a song from their first released album “Treats.” Most of the set was filled with songs from this year’s release “Reign of Terror.” I doubt anyone’s bodies stopped moving the entire time Krauss sang and danced around stage. Only a few times she would stop and talk to the crowd, asking who was at 2010’s cramped show at Mad Planet.

The crowd was a lot more involved in the show than just dancing on the floor. Someone threw a package of Pop-tarts on stage. Laughing at the Pop-tarts, Krauss invited members to come on stage during the last two songs, hugging each of them as she yelled out “Milwaukee!” The rest of the audience cheered for more songs.

Even though there was no encore, every single part of my body ached when people started to filter out and folk music came back on the speakers of Turner Hall. If you missed the show, make sure to catch Sleigh Bells at a smaller venue before they make it somewhere larger and you can’t really enjoy all the moving bodies tightly packed next to you.


Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee