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Halloween, African Style!

Happy Halloween Sound Travellers! Today we had another Halloween styled trip in order for the last day of this seemingly endless Halloween season that for me started on Friday, continued through the weekend and... stops today. Really, I've never had a Halloween with so much pre-amble that by the time the actual date rolls into view, I'm sorta done with it. Not to sound like I don;t like the day, but how much does this non-holiday holiday need? 

Over it. But I still love to fit music to a theme and that's what I had today. This time, the sound was vintage afrobeat and though I'm pretty sure many in africa couldn't care less about something they generally don't celebrate, there do happen to be a bevy of songs that fit the form of it, albeit in a titular sort of way. So today, I played songs about spiders, wolves, danger and best of all, Fela Kuti's "Zombie" which I somehow managed to trim down to abound 6 minutes from its original 12 (impressed yet? didn't think so.) 

I do hope you like these songs however, they are all musicians worthy of deeper investigation...

Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics "Addis Black Widow" Inspiration Information vol. 3

The Lijadu Sisters "Danger" Danger

Fela Kuti "Zombie (RadioMilwaukee Edit)" Zombie

Wganda Kenya "El Lobo" AfroCaribe Dance

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee