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Urban Students Explore Mequon Nature Preserve



Students from Gilbert Stuart Elementary School discover the outdoors at the Mequon Nature Preserve. 


Taking a walk through the woods or park can be a great way to unwind.  But if you live in the city, escaping to the unspoiled quiet of nature can be difficult.

That’s why students from Gilbert Stuart Elementary School, near 86 th and Good Hope Road in Milwaukee, took a field trip to the Mequon Nature Preserve.  For those third, fourth, and fifth graders, it’s a new world to discover.

“I got a root, an acorn top, an acorn and a pretty leaf,” one girl said while exploring the preserve. “We’re going to put them on posters.”

“These are definitely kids that probably aren’t able to explore,” said Kristen Gies, executive director at the Mequon Nature Preserve.

The non-profit provided free transportation to the students and led them on activities around the 90-acre hardwood forest.  After a scavenger hunt, the students planted acorns which will eventually become oak trees.

“I hope they get to see that there is much more beyond their neighborhood,” said Gies. “There’s more than just concrete.”

The Mequon Nature Preserve offers field trips and is open to the public year-round.  Admission is free.  Activities include hiking, snowshoeing, photography and bird watching.

For more information on upcoming activities at the Mequon Nature Preserve, visit its official website.


Anna Borchert, intern at 88Nine, contributed to this story.