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A strange week on Sound Travels. We started the week with some global style Halloween jams and post-Halloween I changed gears, and introduced a micro-theme; Uruguayan music. I feel like this was more of an exploratory mission, feeling the scene in Montevideo a lil bit, but not really finding too much other than songs that generally fit the theme. A broad sketch of some modern and some antique sounds from one of South America's smallest countries. Judging what I found, Uruguay sounds like a very intriguing place. If you missed Thursday or Friday's Sound Travels, this is what I played...

Los Folkloristas "Chacha Mulata"

Abuela Coca "San Felipe"

Max Capote "Necrofila"

Bajofondo "Pa'bailar"

Campo "1985"

Friday however was a bit different as we went with some very contemporary tunes from Uruguay's finest beat-makers. Clearly they have an interesting scene in and around Montevideo and the beats are somewhat traditional (whatever that means) and somewhat tropical. Cool stuff from some very hard to find artists.

La Teja Pride "1985"

La Orquesta del Beat Invisible "Vieja Amiga"

Selectorchico "Hombre (Pequeno Demonio)"

Loopez & Renegades Of Jazz "Jungle Haze"

Contra Las Cuerdas "El Huracan"

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