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PropertyVets: Making a difference one house at a time.


"Her vision to persue helping Veterans, addressing issues in a city of forclosed homes and her risk taking and conviction to stay at it is the seed of the American Dream" - Greg Meyer, Co-Founder of VetTransfer.


PropertyVets was founded in 2011 by U.S. Air Force veteran Sue Loomans, combining two important issues in her community: veteran unemployment and vacant, distressed homes.

With guidance from Greg Meyer, Co-Founder of VetTransfer: an organization that helps veterans start their own businesses, she was able to buy her first foreclosed home. In June, rehab began.

Loomans hired established veterans with their own small businesses, like Veto Schwartz, owner of SemperFi Roofing. These men and women worked along side veterans from the V.A.'s Vocational Rehab program. The house is now ready to be rented.

"As I've worked over the past few months, I've started to change my first this was about working on a house." Loomans said. "Then I started to think this is more about people. We are bringing a house back to life, but we are also bringing back parts of our own lives."

Information about PropertyVets can be found online at