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6 Degrees Of Sample Seperation

This week on the 7 O'Clock Sample, Dori challenged me to draw a line from one sampled, throughout the week, to a final song.  We call this new segment...


Wile there's no Kevin Bacon in this game, we will take a musical journey through a variety of spaces and places.

We begin with Eric B and Rakim's " I Know You Got Soul"



The vocal sample of Rakim saying Pump Up The Volume, was used by MARRS on their track of the same name...



If you listen closely at about the 2:30 mark, you will hear Dori's favorite part of the song, the breakdown! This is a loop from Kool and The Gang's "Jungle Jazz"



Jungle Jazz was also sampled by Wagon Christ on the "The Funnies"



This song also uses a funky little loop from Cameo's "Shake Your Pants"



Which takes us all the way to Paul's Boutique, for the Beastie Boy's "Hay Ladies", which also samples Cameo in the breakdown!



You are welcome!

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee