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Breaded, Broasted and Fried... Boogaloo!

Taking a latin turn today on Sound Travels, mainly because I've been trippin out to some classic boogaloo lately and just had to share it. Boogaloo is a sound that emerged from Spanish Harlem in the mid-1960s. It was a groove that mixed the infectious percussion of Latin music with the raw power of sixties RnB.

Although the first hit makers were all established band leaders, the change in direction was pushed through by younger guys within their bands, and their success opened the doors for a flood of younger bands to follow, who would makes some phenomenally exciting music and dominate latin music into the 70's.

Though short-lived, boogaloo made an indelible impression and is still made fresh in some places. I played some classics for you today... 

Latin Blues Band "Take A Trip"

La Playa Sextet "No Me Dejas"

Pete Rodriguez "I Like It Like That"

Joe Loco "Chua Chua Boogaloo"

Manny Corchado "Chicken and Booze"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee