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Boogaloo Theory (Guajira + Soul=Sweat)

Back to the boogaloo sound on Sound Travels for Thursday. Amazing and funky sounds from NYC. 60's era sounds from second and third-generation Puerto Ricans and latinos as they integrate, integrating the raw funk of their black conterparts. One part guajira jazz with a rhythm & blues backbeat; music built for dancefloors. If you missed the set, here it is...



Charlie Palmieri "Bugalu"

Manny Corchado "Pow Wow"

Ozzie Torrens "Mia's Boogaloo"

Ray Baretto "Right On (Pretty Mama)"

King Nando "Funky Shing A Ling"

Rene Lopez "Shing-A-Ling Is What I Bring"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee