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A Hanukkah Playlist

Amidst all the hubbub around Christmas, lost in the mix of seasonal musics and in the 'oh yeah' part of many of our brains; is the fact that there are many other reasons to celebrate around this time of year and few are bigger than the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah. This fact is not lost on me as I routinely remember Hanukkah sort of halfway through it. Not this year.

I must excuse myself my saying it's not my faith, but music might just be. So maybe I am a good fit to be your Hanukkah DJ. Where music meets culture is an ongoing obsession with me so I thought I'd put together a playlist for the week centered around Jewish music and performers and I hope they somehow, some way, fit the Hanukkah vibe of the week.

Dick Dale "Hava Nagila"

Idan Rachel Project "Ima, Aba Ve'Chol Ha'sh'ar"

Yemen Blues "Eli" 

The Klezmatics "Tepel (live)"

Matisyahu "Happy Hannukah"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee