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Jurassic 5 Samples

This week on the Seven O'Clock Sample, we have been looking over the music of Jurassic 5.

In the early 2000s, J-5 achieved a level of popularity and success that few large rap groups have seen.  With 2 DJs, NuMark and Cut Chemist, there's no shortage of great samples to pick thorough in the Jurassic 5 discography.

Their very first album had a funky flute track called "Jayou"



This song sampled a Pleasure Web song called "Music Man"



They went back to "Music Man" again on their 2000 release "Concrete and Clay"



Concrete seems to be a theme with J5, check out this gem from 1998.



The track "Concrete Schoolyard" sampled an Ike Turner cut called "Gettin Nasty"



There final album was without Cut Chemist, but Nu Mark still brought some great beats to the table.  The track "Baby Please"...



flipped a classic Al Green track.


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