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Sikh Community Organizes Interfaith Non-Profit

Volunteers from Christian, Jewish, Sikh and Athiest communities work together on a Habitat For Humanity home.

After the tragic August shooting spree at the Sikh temple that killed six innocent people, young people in the community were left looking for a way to band together.

They created a service-oriented non-profit called Serve2Unite.  Gathering people from all different faiths, they're working to spread the peaceful message of Sikhism by volunteering, all while learning more about each other's faiths.

This month, Sikhs teamed with Christians, Atheists, and Jews at a Habitat For Humanity home near 40th and North Avenue.  While priming all the walls in the home, they had a chance to build friendships while volunteering.

By the time the project wrapped up, volunteers said they discovered they had more in common than they originally thought.  Click the podcast player to hear audio from the site.