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Sound Travels Sunday, Vintage Cumbia Mixtape!

The first mixtape of the new year for 2013 was filled with even more cumbia classics than last year. If you don't recall, last year's first mixtape was also an exploration of classic Colombian cumbia and it looks like we've got a whole new tradition. That I love cumbia should come as no surprise as 2012 was my year of cumbia on Sound Travels, I played tons of it on ST, new and old and it seems the diggers have not stopped either as there are more than a few vintage comps popping up all the time. We'll see how big it gets this year...




Aurita Castillo "Chambacu" Paradas Continuas

Hermanos Tuiran "Lluvia" The Original Sound of Cumbia 

Betopey "Cumbia del Carnival" The Original Sound of Cumbia 

Afrosound "Ponchito de colores" The Afrosound Of Colombia Volume 1

Sonora Tropical "Lluvia" Diablos del Ritmo 1960-1985

Pianonegro "La Cascada" Diablos del Ritmo 1960-1985

Alejandro Duran "Cumbia Costena" Diablos del Ritmo 1960-1985

Los Walkers "Siboney" Roots of Chicha 2 (Psychedlic Cumbias From Peru)

Los Corraleros De Majagual "La Burrita De Eliseo"

Los Alegres Diablos "La Motilona" Diablos del Ritmo 1960-1985

Peyo Torres y Sus Diablos del Ritmo "La Veterana" Diablos del Ritmo 1960-1985

Afrosound "La sampuesana" The Afrosound Of Colombia Volume 1

Conjunto Son San "Cumbia San Pablera" Diablos del Ritmo 1960-1985

Anibal Velasquez Y Su Conjunto "San Jacinto" The Original Sound of Cumbia 

Alberto Pacheco y su Conjunto "Sembrando Café" The Original Sound of Cumbia 

Pedro Beltran "Puyalo Ahi" Quantic presents Tropical Funk Experience

Fuentes All Stars "Pégale a la Nalga" 

Grupo Abharca "Shallcarri"

Los Corraleros De Majagual "Los sabanales" The Afrosound Of Colombia 

La Nina Emilia "La Pelea Es Peleando" La Pelea Es Peleando

Justo Valdez & Grupo Son Palenque "Unye Unyé" Champeta Criolla Vol 2

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