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RUN DMC gets The Knack

All this week on the Seven O'Clock Sample, we are exploring the music of RUN DMC.

On Saturday Januray 26th, I'll be spinning tunes at the CHAMPION SOUND show with DJ Bizzon, DMT and B-Side. Each of us has been assigned one artist that we can only play music from thier catalog.  I'll be playing De La Soul, Bizzon has got Jay-Z and B-Side's spinning NWA.  Milwaukee legend THA DMT is playing the music of RUN DMC all night, so this week, I thought we'd play the music of RUN DMC on the segment.

Remember this one?

One of the best jams in the history of hip hop music.  This song contains a very famous sample.  The Knack's "My Sharona"

Listen at 0:13 for the guitar sample...

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