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Danish Treat, Sound Travels

I can remember a time, long ago, when my only lasting impression of Denmark was the holiday tin of Dansk butter cookies my mom would get me around the holidays. Not that we're Danish, but they're that good (or at least I remember them that way.) Thankfully the times have changed and fortunately, my understanding of Scandinavia's smallest nation, Denmark has grown up.

As has my knowledge of its music and today we kept up with our Scandinavian edition of Sound Travels with some dope cuts from Denmark's hottest artists. Like Klondyke, whose website needs some Google translator help, his songs are very popular in Denmark where he gets extra love for seeking the local love by singing in danish (increasingly rare.) Lars and The Hands of Light also make the set with one of the catchier tunes I heard in 2010 when he dropped the suprising album The Looking Glass, "Me Me Me" is the poppy in a laid-back way and makes selfishness sound real nice.


Klondyke "Kitmøller Kold Hawaii"

Lars and The Hands Of Light "Me Me Me"



Apparently, the women of Denmark have been killin it in recent years and the charts in Denmark reflect that fact. I played a sweet little tune from Copenhagen up-and-comer Ane Trolle, then got into into a tune that did very well for the artist Fallulah. Fallulah has been compared to British female singers, Florence & the Machine, Adele and Bat for Lashes. Her debut single was a massive hit in Denmark and she dominated the Danish pop charts in 2010. She describes her music as a mix between indie rock and Balkan beats with a hint of folklore.



Ans I also shared a tune from the artist Oh Land, a Danish singer/songwriter with the musical eccentricity of Björk, the fashion-diva style of Grace Jones, and the poise of a Scandinavian supermodel. Already a big hit here in Denmark she’s now breaking into the American market and has been signed up internationally by Sir Elton John. I ended the set with a cool collaboration between Copenhagen producer Kenneth Bager and Aloe Blacc called "The Sound Of Swing" and it's catchy as hell. Aloe Blacc is no stranger to 88nine but The Kenneth Bager Experience is, and a worthy artist to explore if you're wondering what's up with the scene in Denmark.








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