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Let's Go Bhangra!

Bhangra is the theme of this week's Sound Travels as we check out the ongoing evolution of this particularly dope form of music pioneered by Punjabi immigrants in London's Southall area. Bhangra is many things; it's roots are the folk music of the Punjab and Rajasthan regions of India where it is also known as a form of dance. Punjabi immigrants in the London of the late 80's and 90's incorporated the modern sounds around them into the sound and bhangra was born.

Electronic music, rock and particularly hip hop have all been added to the music these immigrants brought with them to create a distinct, modern sound. And quite popular in the UK and in India as well. In India, bhangra is a major part of the pop music there and is often used in the Bollywood film industry as well. Here's what I had for you all today... 

Mohinder Kaur Bhamra "Shava Vanga Channak Dia"

Gurbhej Bahar "Paun Boliyan"

Kulvinder Johal "Sun Baliyeh"

Panjabi MC "Beware"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee