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From The Golden Temple to Southall

Bhangra is the theme of the week on Sound Travels and we've been playing the music of Punjabi peoples and connecting you to something you may not know very well. As I mentioned yesterday, bhangra is a modern form of Punjabi folk music that was really developed by Punjabi immigrants in Southall, London, many being of the Sikh faith. Sikhism is a very interesting faith and I encourage you to follow the link and learn more about this often misunderstood religion, but my purpose here is more about the connection to music.

In Sikh temples, or Gurdwaras, music is a central part of the services and many of the rhythms and musical sensibilities of bhangra may have a root in this fact, albeit in a far more secular manner. Some of the music I played today had a distinctively religious flavor with a mellow bhangra sound illustrating that connection whereas the the last two songs were more pop in their orientation. Not to suggest bhangra is particularly Sikhi but that there is a definitive Punjabi connection and many, many Punjabi's are Sikh

While the faith occasionally crosses over into bhangra, bhangra is rooted in the rural traditions of Punjabis, and is music that typically celebrates the harvest, having come from farming communities across the Punjab. Here is what I had for you all today...

Meshi Manak & Sanjeev Jalalabadi "Panth Khalsa"

Saini Surinder "Waheguru"

Twinbeats "Challa Ishq De Rang feat. Romesh Chohan"

Lehmber Hussainpuri "Das Ki"

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