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Boozoo Zydeco

Clifton Chenier "Mardi Gras Zydeco"

It's Zydeco week on the mardi Gras Moment and Monday's Moment was all about the first zydeco recording and we followed that on Tuesday with some zydeco from the "King of Zydeco," Clifton Chenier.

Clifton, like Clarence Garlow, was one of the early success-stories of zydeco music and he toured with Garlow back is zydeco's early days. Throughout his career, Chenier has been a force behind the popularization of zydeco. He's also noted for re-designing the wood and tin washboard into a frettoir, an instrument that was worn on front-facing straps over the shoulders. 

If you were looking for an artist to start your zydeco collection, you could do a lot worse that Clifton Chenier...

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