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Cape Town Sessions: Afro House

Sound Taravels to South Africa this week for an exploration of the house music scene in places like Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg. An unlikely scene of distinctly African style electronic music. What makes this global sound so Afican?

Well, many things actually; from the use of local dialect and/or one (or more) of the 14 languages spoken there, to the use of samples from traditional african rhythms. Perhaps it's the heavier basslines or harmonies and melodies from vintage South African tunes. The fact remains, South Africa is definitely in the house and the influence is not only growing, but it's becoming a sensibility in the evolution of many of the other musics you can find there. 

From afropop groups like Freshly Ground incorporating it into certain sounds, to mega pop stars who are DJ's like Dj Cleo or even wordsmiths like Kabelo Mabalane or Big Nuz, afro-house is a moving force...

DJ Cleo "Hip Hip Hooray"

Big Nuz "Ntombenhele"

Kabelo Mabalane "Can't Kill Me Now"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee