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A 7 o'clock Sample Tribute to J Dilla: Part One The Pharcyde

On February 10th 2006, hip hop music lost one it's most influential producers, J Dilla.

 James Yancey, aka Jay Dee, aka, J Dilla aka Dilla Dog saw a quick rise to fame at the end of his life, but he was responsible for many great tracks, that he was not given his proper credit for.  This week on the 7 O'Clock Sample, I want to go back and explore some of Jay Dee's greatest "lost" hits.

Remember this jam?



Pharcyde's sophomore release Labcabincalifornia, was almost entirely produced by Jay Dee.  He was responsible for this hit, and grabbed up a cool Stan Getz guitar lick for the main melody.

Listen closely at 2:05...


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