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The Postal Service Is Back- New Video

After a decade of silence, indie-electro darlings, the Postal Service have returned with a new single. Premiering yesterday on the band’s official website, “A Tattered Line of String,” has Benjamin Gibbard’s typical lovelorn lyrics paired with Jimmy Tamborello’s whimsical electronic elements.


Picking up where they left off, the new track is reminiscent of 2003s “Give Up,” despite the lengthy hiatus, even including vocal contribution from Jenny Lewis who sang back-up on the band’s lone studio album.


Unlike usual music videos for new singles, the video is simple and straightforward. Accompanied by just a LP spinning with the colors changing, the video gives the ability to listen to the song without any constraints of a complex, narrative video. The LP may just be what the reissue of 2003s album may look like, maybe just not changing colors on your own turntable.


The reissue of "Give Up," out April 9, has b-sides, live tracks and remixes. Available on a 3 LP set or a 2 disc CD, the reissue has enough to keep any Postal Service fan happy, even if there are no plans for a new album.


Even if it's not possible to catch the Postal Service on tour, I'm just glad to have a new song to be rocking on my speakers for the next few days. 

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee