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Garden Train Show at the Domes

The circus is here -- at the Domes! Click to hear about its annual train show.


The annual Garden Train Show has arrived at the Domes! And if you’re like me – maybe looking to score some uncle points – this could be the event for you.

On display you’ll find dozens of miniature, g-scale trains running along more than 1000 feet of track. Winding through a series playful circus-themed vignettes, train lovers of all ages can let their imaginations escape to a  fantastical world.

Of course, you can’t have a train show without Thomas the Tank Engine; he chugs along every day allowing kids to see him up-close.  But the exhibit changes daily, too.  Volunteers from three train collector groups display rare specimens from their personal collections daily, meaning you’ll always see something new.

And this weekend you can enjoy an indoor ride.  On Feb. 24 and 25, and again the weekend of Mar. 9, parents and kids can hop aboard larger trains and circle the perimeter of the Dome, seeing the show from all angles.

The Circus Comes To Town, a Garden Train Show is on display through Mar. 10.  The arid and tropical domes remain open year-round.