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African Guitars! Senegal & Mali

Though Youssour N'Dour and to a lesser degree El Hadji Faye garner the lions share of the fame of first, Etoile de Dakar then Orchestra Baobab; perhaps rightfully but that fact should not undercut the work of their masterful guitarist Barthelemy Attisso. Attisso was an essential ingredient of Etoile de Dakar's Afro-Latin interpretations and later followed Youssour when he split with Faye and later renamed the band Orchestra Baobab

Etoile de Dakar "Xalis"

Orchestra Baobab "El Carretero"

From Mali, I played two absolutely amazing guitarists Ali Farka Toure who is unquestionably one of the continent's best and the world in general. A world music must for any who must have the best. The cut I played is from his 1979 self titled release that showcases him at his raw best, on his way to a future stardom few would have predicted, showcasing the particular intersection of the blues and Malian griot traditions. Plus, Bouba Saco and Djelimady Tounkara of the Rail Band, who were so popular in the 70's that they regularly filled stadiums across West Africa. Tounkara and Saco's work on the cut I played is vintage and their interplay is hypnotic, I'll admit it as a favorite personally speaking.

Ali Farka Toure "Hany"

Orchestra Super Rail Band International "Marigoundo"

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