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African Guitars! Ghana & Nigeria

Africa's guitar greats our theme of the week here on Sound Travels and for Thursday, we picked right up where we left off yesterday. Today however the countries in question are two very funky neighbors; Ghana and Nigeria.

While these are the only names or even the beggest perhaps, they are all great players. Ebo Taylor is criminally unknown, an excellent arranger, composer and guitar player, his mark is all over the Ghana" sound from the late 50's on. Still playing and releasing albums at the young age of 77, his last one dropped just last year. I played a song far more vintage and matched it with fellow Ghanaian group The Sweet Talks, whose song "Angelina" is simply irresistable; I dare you-- just try.

Ebo Taylor "Twer Nyame"

The Sweet Talks "Angelina"

Nigerian guitar player Sir Victor Uwaifo is a legendary player known for playing with his hands, feet and tongue. While that kind of showmanship is cool, his playing is pretty stellar; palm-wine highlife so distinct it's called joromi highlife. I closed today with a song that could probably be called Africa's anthem. Nigerian guitar genius Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz are not very jazzy as it turns out, but they are funky and like I said, there might not be a more well-known song for Africans...

Sir Victor Uwaifo "Guitar Goy"

Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz "Sweet Mother"

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