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Update: Hunger Task Force Peanut Butter Drive



Hunger Task Force Executive Director Sherrie Tussler explains the food bank's call for peanut butter donations.


You may have seen the signs above I-94 -- the Hunger Task Force needs your help.

During February, the city's free and local food bank has been gathering jars of peanut butter. And it's got a lofty goal to raise 100,000 jars.

Why peanut butter? Not only is it a versatile source of protein that can be eaten at any meal, but also the federal government won’t be supplying it this month, according to Sherrie Tussler, executive director of the Hunger Task Force.

"Anybody can eat this.  There’s no preparation involved," she said.

So far, the peanut butter drive has been wildly successful, and the food bank has almost met its goal a month early.  But it still has a few thousand jars to go.

"It was demonstration of what Milwaukee is really made of, and that’s good people who care," Tussler said.

And the work continues.

With upcoming federal shortages of certian foods, the food bank needs private donors to step up with items like chicken soup, breakfast cereal and milk ahead of spring.

For info on how to donate, visit its official website or call (414) 777-0483.

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