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First Generation College Students

"Going to college means I would be changing my family and my family's history..and that is so powerful." - Kristy Moeller, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Admissions at Alverno College and first generation college student

For most students, college can be an intimidating process. Leaving your friends, family

and even hometown is a big step. If you are the first generation in your family to go to college, the process may seem even harder. You didn't grow up hearing stories from your family about their college experiences and the process may seem intimidating. 

"It's a complex process, but here at Alverno, we break it down into digestible parts and provide them with lots of support" says Kristy Moeller, Alverno's Assistant Director for Undergraduate Admissions. "We get calls from parents saying 'I've never done this before, where do I start?'"


I spoke with senior Eva Meraz, from Hamilton High School. Along with her older brother who attends The Milwaukee School of Engineering, she will be the first generation in her family to attend college. (Her mom did attend for a short period of time, but was unable to finish her schooling) She hopes to be the first in her generation to complete college.

"I was excited. I already knew I was going to be accepted because I had the requirements they needed," says Meraz. "But once you see it on paper, you know it's real."


Learn more about Eva Maraz by listening to the story below. Information on Alverno

College can be found online at