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Bombino! Tuareg Rock Gets The Black Keys Treatment

Sound Travels favorite, Tuareg rocker Bombino is set to drop the hot new Dan Auerbach-produced album Nomad, April 4th on Nonesuch Records. Re-reading that sentence, that's about as much as I would need to hear to at least peep the release. I however, know better, and have been following Malian guitarist Bombino since his roughest cuts were released by Awesome Tapes From Africa. I only say this cause I want some bragging rights when this blows up. By blow up, I really mean critical acclaim because well, let's be realistitic. But in my world, this kind of stuff really excites me and if you're a fan of the whole Tuareg rock/Mali blues thang, this album just feels special.

Bombino "Azamane Tiliade" Nomad

Apparently Omara " Bombino" Moctar was invited to Nashville by Black Keys' Dan Auerbach to record Nomad. From the sound of the lead single, the results are staggering. Bombino's already scorching licks over tribal chants about unity in the Tuareg struggle for self-determination, are given a proper treatment that brings all the elements in his music into clearer focus without eliminating the "dustiness" and grit that makes Bomino special to begin with. There's even a video teaser...

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