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Horizon's Grief Resource Center: Support for the LGBT community


"I'm still grateful for the ability to go back and do some grieving I didn't do right away"

         -Penny Engebose, Horizon Grief Recourse Center



Everyone reacts differently to significant loss in their life; whether it's the death of a loved

one or a beloved pet, a miscarriage or other life-changing events.


"Our culture doesn't grieve very well," says Kayla Waldschmidt, Bereavement Coordinator at Horizon Grief Resource Center. "We tend to think you get three days off of work and everything should be fine and back to normal."


What do you do and where can you turn when you need that extra support? Counseling can be expensive. Finding a support group of your peers that are going through the same thing that you are may be key to moving on with your life after great loss/change.


Horizon's Grief Resource Center is Wisconsin's only walk-in center dedicated to grief, bereavement and healing. Funded by donations from the community, services are free of charge. And because they are locally owned and operated, they have added classes that address the needs of the community around them.


The LGBT support group is one of the specialized programs at Horizon, working to meet the needs of the LGBT community. Penny Engebose began using the LGBT support group to help her grieve after she lost her mom to cancer. Now, she is a Hospice Companion at Horizon, helping others through the most challenging time of their lives.  "I meet the most amazing people," Penny says. "I volunteer on Wednesdays and now they have become my absolute favorite day of the week."


More about Horizon Home Care and Hospice and the Grief Resource Center can be

found online at


To hear Penny Engebose's story, click the link below.