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Seven Degrees of Sample Seperation

Occasionally on the Seven O'Clock sample Dori will issue me a challenge.  She gives me a band or artist to start with, and another artist to end with.  Then it's my job to fill in the blanks to connect the first artist to the last with samples they've used.

This week's challenge was to connect Fatboy Slim to Moby.

So we begin with Fatboy Slim's "Always Read The Label"


which contains a sample of Flavor Flav from Public Enemy's " B-Side Wins Again"



The main drum loop from this song comes from the band Juice on a track called "Catch A Groove"



That drum break was used by NWA on the song "Quiet On The Set"



This track also contains the break from "Funky Drummer" by James Brown



Funky Drummer was also used in the song "Run's House" by Run DMC.



The main horn stabs and builds for that song come from the track "Ashley's Roachclip" by the Soul Searchers.



So to finally get to MOBY, the drum break on "Ashley's Roachclip" is the main break for Moby's "First Cool Hive"


Just 6 samples to connect Moby to Fatboy Slim.

Thanks for playing with us this week.

Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee