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Surfing Soweto on A Kwaito Ticket

For me Sound Travels is really an extension of love, and so, is a big part of my life. Music is only one part of the equasion however. While I spend countless hours each week listening to and obtaining world music, my appetite for things global is stronger. I spend a lot of time watching global cinema, and sometimes the two arts connect.

In fact, the other day I was peepng this pretty cool documentary on train surfers from South Africa's townships from Cinga Productions called Surfing Soweto . What starts out as an exploration of a daredevilry quickly gets deeper into the social politics of trains, race and identity for a certain segment of South Africans. This strange and deadly fad which hit its peak in 2006 offers an intriguing view of the situation on the steets of South Africa.

In the documentary, there was one song that wormed its way into my brain. After some Shazam-ing, I found this shiny gem of a kwaito tune and its been in rotation at the casa for a minute. So of course, I'll share... TKZee "Fiasco"

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee