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City of Milwaukee Youth Council

"It's amazing and powerful because I never thought I would have my voice heard."

     -Gabriella Leachmon, Messmer High School



Created in 2004, The Milwaukee Youth Council is a strong, motivated group of young leaders committed to making a difference in Milwaukee. They advocate for youth issues as they meet with leaders like the Mayor, Common Council, School Superintendent, business owners and community groups.


This March, The Youth Council sent a delegation  to Washington D.C. for the National League of Cities 2013 Congressional City Conference with hopes of engaging in important tops with other Youth Councils from around the country.


"We got to see great speakers such as Senator John McCain speaking in favor of

comprehensive immigration reform," says James Elias, President of the Youth Council, "And Joe Biden speaking in favor of gun control as well as the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture speaking about creating sustainable communities." Elias said they came back more energized and with new ideas on how to engage their community.


Council member Cesar Hernandez adds "Some of the highlights were having conversations with other kids from other councils from other cities. Seeing if we can implement what they've been doing...knowing what works and what doesn't."


To see how you can get involved with the City of Milwaukee Youth Council, what they are working on and which districts currently have vacancies visit