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East African Odyssey

East Africa on blast through your speakerholes all week on Sound Travels. A two song offering each day is what I've been feeding you and today I got the studio hot with a pair of unheralded afrobeat and funk numbers from bands whose music is extremely hard to find. Matter of fact, what I played from both accounts for all you'll find on the internet. 

Sad, but such is the connection between East African music and the West with so much great music unavailable outside of very expensive, hard-to-find records on specialty vinyl sites. Though that's about to change a lil bit as the folks at Soundway Records are fixin to drop a new comp of crucial Kenyan cuts later this month and I recommend it highly. While we all wait for this missing link of Afro-funk flavor to drop, I thought I'd whet your appetites with some songs.

And I also played one of the HOTTEST, most obscure afro-funk cuts I've ever heard. Period! I have two cuts from Kenyan Soseme Makonde and both of them are pure fire. Information about this band is pretty nonexistant; I mean nothing-- totally strange. But there is a video...

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