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New Music Wednesday Sound Travels Style

Sound Travels is instituting a new plan with the program. From now on I will be bringing the new global music to you every Wednesday, just like New Music Wednesday, but global... What did I play for you today?

In 2012, 3 guys travel from Helsinki, Finland to Benin, found 5 guys who could play, formed a band and played some shows. They also made a lil video on the whole thing and recorded an intriguing album of polished afrobeat in the vein of Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo with a groove-funk flourish. When cats back in the day used to try stuff like this, it mainly came off as fakery but these guys are pretty flip about what they did, their matter-of-fact-ness gets the benefit of my doubt; their music does the rest... That Band is Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble and their album Beaucoup de Piment! is definitely worth your time.



Natalia Claver is a vocalist whose stellar work with Thievery Corporation has always intrigued me with her potential. Well, she's pulled some strings with her past collaborators (even hubby Federico Aubele jumps in) and produced an album of stunningly diverse dopeness. Teamed with Adrian Quesada (Brownout, Ocote Soul, Grupo Fantasma) on her latest, Lumen. This album is loaded! It's songs swing effortlessly from rhumba-rock, reggae, soul and on the tune "El Tren," which I played today, an entirely Portishead-ian flow. Album out on May 21st...  



Internationally acclaimed, Juno Award winning reggae maestro Dubmatix has also been working hard. This Toronto-based musician has just dropped a new batch of remixes called Clash Of The Titans (The System Shakedown Remixes), reworking material from his last release with help from likes of Marcus Visionary, Mungo's Hi-Fi, The Vibronics and many more. While not an album-album, there are some great versions here and if your head is all clouded up with heady stuff, you'll love these versions...



Major Lazer, my favorite project by DJ/producer Diplo, is back in a...well, a Major way. The buzz on the new album Free The Universe, got deafening and release delays numerous. Well, the wait is over and it was entirely worth it. This is one of the strongest reggae/dance releases of the year and does well in many ways. Major Lazer had been a collaboration along with DJ/producer Switch, they parted ways in late 2011. Diplo has since enlisted producers/DJs Jillionaire and Walshy Fire (of Black Chiney) to help with the production and live shows. And really, the whole vision is more cohesive. Although I thought we should've played more of the Amber Coffman (of The Dirty Projectors) featured "Get Free," the Wyclef fronted "Reach For The Stars" will do just as nicely, and makes its debut on Sound'll be hearing more of this I's the official video of the first single...




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