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Introducing: Monobloco

Moved the music noonward with some sweet sounds from one of Brazil's best bloco. What's a bloco? A street band, of course; and in particular, from Rio De Janiero. The thing that's different about Monobloco, unlike most of Rio's blocos, which tend play one type of music (typically samba), Monobloco has become extremely popular among the youth because they incorporate a lot of sounds in their sound. Monobloco is a mix of various rhythms such as coco, ciranda, marcha, xote, samba-charme, and particularly samba-rock and funk, as well as carnaval sambas. 

A sound that worked so well on the street that the band began touring and have just unleashed their first international release. The album is called  Arrastão da Alegria, and though I haven't given it a deep listen, there were several cuts that stood up to testing, including the catchy one I played today...

Production Manager | Radio Milwaukee