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414 Music: Slowburn

414 Music is always an adventure. Rarely do I have the opportunity to just say, sit down, and then everything runs smoothly. I happen to think there's a ghost in the studio, which is make believe for "I'm not really an engineer." Things go haywire, occasionally. hums, buzzes, clicks, pops, and the bass guitar that breaks in the middle of soundcheck. 

It's exactly what happened to Slowburn with 30 minutes before their scheduled appearance. However, thanks to some quick thinking - and this is what really speaks to the awesomeness of our listers - Marty who was in Riverwest saw our plea for help on Facebook and made his way down to the studio. Performance saved, and the guys sounded great. Hear the performance and the story on this week's edition of 414 Music. 


Director of Digital | Radio Milwaukee