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New Gogol Bordello! A Sound Travels Debut

Theeeeeyyyy're baaaaack...

Yup, Gogol Bordello is not only getting their thing in at The Pabst Theater on June 8th, but I've got a new single from their forthcoming album Pura Vida Conspiracy and you know I couldn't resist the urge to play it. Why should I? S'my job actually, and though the album isn't being released untill July 22nd via ATO Records/Casa Gogol Records, I thought you might like a lil taste.



Clearly 'pura vida' is not all that Eastern European, Gogol Bordello's sonic toolbox; actually it's Spanish slang for 'pure life.' The deal-y with this comes from the man himself and Eugene Hutz (the band's illustrious frontman) had this to say

For me music is a way to explore human potential. And that’s my main interest in life – human potential. Everyone knows there’s something inside of us that we’re not using. How do we get it? How do we reach it? Every single person knows that there’s something and nobody knows what it is. So at one point I said to myself, I’m gonna get down and get it.

Hmmm...intriguing. More about the man:



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