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Local website promoting Black mens' health

A new website dedicated African American mens' health continues to add readers, but not all of them are male -- or black, according to editor Eric Von.

"Anybody can die from a heart attack," Von said. "We wanted to make sure that people aren't getting sick and possibly dying for lack of information." 

Von founded along with his wife Faithe Colas in February, originally to expose healthcare disparities in the African American community.  But as the website grew, the subscribers became more and more diverse, not constrained by sex or race, Von said.

But even with a growing audience, remains focused on men's health -- particularly African American men -- who are on average dying 7.1 years earlier than other ethnic groups, according to the website.

Von, a former talk show host on the now defunct urban affairs station WMCS-AM, said writing for the African American community has been his lifelong passion.

"I have always been a writer.  People think of radio and they just think you talk all day, but writing is a big part of it," Von said.

The site offers recipes, tips for a healthier lifestyle and insight into local and national health trends. And adding to the total wellness approach, the site also provides free financial literacy resources plus links to leisure activities. 

Click the podcast above to hear an interview with Von.  He discusses various issues affecting the black community and some of the other resources available online.